We offer five time prayer daily with Jama'at (See prayer timetable), Jummah prayers, Traweeh in the month of Ramadhan and Eidain.


       Established madrasah is there for boys and girls up from four years of age, taught by professional male and female scholars. If you wish to enrol your children for madrasah then contact Qari Yaqoob Nanji (07796302787) or Contact the masjid for an application form.

For the new term it will starts from 26th August 2013.

Madrasah times are 5pm-7pm (Monday-Friday).

NOTE: Boys and Girls Madrasah now in separate buildings.


       Nikah facilities are also available in the masjid. Nikah fees is £100. 

       As a criteria an application form need to be filled in. for application form please contact the masjid.


       We provide all the Islamic funeral services for the deceased. Please contact the following people.

HANIF KOLA :  07715049652

M.ASIF SHEIKH: 07958282586

QARI YAQOOB:    07796302787 


       Tajweed classes are available after Maghrib-Isha for Men only.

NOTE: New classes of Tafseer and Quran translations will be opening after Ramadhan. Time and date will be   notify after Ramadhan.

* In Sha Allah youth club for children and boys football, cricket archery etc will be setup after Ramadhan.

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